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Along came Anna...

The red light district was balanced in the 80s and 90s in Vienna on a two-edged sword. The business boomed on one side, but on the other side there was every day new conflicts. Red light represents sin and danger and it was already the perfect symbol of this milieu. But red light also stands for love and passion. It was high time that love and passion prevail in Vienna’s Red Light District.
In 2000 Anna’s good friend Alexandra confessed that she earned livelihood with “sex for money” – a world that Anna was as well-known as the Mars, namely not at all. Moved by the terrible and oppressive experiences in Alexandra’s life, Anna decided to help her. It must be possible to perform this job without pressure, fear and humiliation.

So the story took its course.

It all started with an apartment that Anna provided to her friend Alexandra. She took care of Alexandra, promoted her services, created Alexandra’s customers a feel-good atmosphere and made a “win-win situation” – for Alexandra and her clients.

In a short space of time, many other women were interested in Anna’s kindness and helpfulness. So fast that a new “hostel” was needed.
This was 2005, the birth of Simply Top in the Mellergasse 22 in 1230 Vienna.
Anna cut all her social contacts, renounced holidays, luxury and leisure. She focused on the idea of a casual, serious and discreet brothel. Using her pleasant personality, she created a House of Pleasure of the ultimate bilateral joy – WITHOUT treading on someone’s toes.

About a decade later, her business concept is still working:
Simply Top stands for top service, top price-performance ratio, top cleanliness and the most important: discretion!

Nothing is more important to Simply Top than the tact for guests who want to have a confidential, cautiously and prudently visit in her house.

For this reason, the majority of Anna’s customers are regulars.

Dear Guest, I strive constantly that in our house
everything works to your satisfaction.
To be truly successful as well I need your help.
If something does not run to your satisfaction,
I ask you to tell me that’s the only way I can guarantee for good service.
Satisfaction guarantee or you get your money back!
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